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Manafesto of The Reaganists

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Manafesto of The Reaganists Empty Manafesto of The Reaganists

Post by DeanLouton123 on Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:22 pm

I am Dean N. Louton. I’m the webmaster of The Reaganists. In this article, I will explain the goals, visions and motivations for this forum. I have always been conservative. These days though, the terms “patriot” and “conservative” have adopted new meanings as there has been a shift in the Republican party. I am not friendly with Democrats. I believe their priorities are mixed up now-a-days, and they are VERY left-wing. It used to be, Democrats and Republicans were just very slightly differently positioned on the political spectrum, but now, on the right, there is white supremacists, and on the left, there are communists. I don’t take kindly to either group, and through extensive research, I’ve found that Ronald W. Reagan didn’t either. I’ve done even more extensive research on Reagan and found out that I agree 99.9% with Reagan. I have high respect for his policies and the way he broke down the walls between the United States and the USSR. The point one percent where I don’t agree with Reagan is on one issue: LGBT. I do not have any objection. With people’s life-style choices as long as they don’t infringe on somebody else’s rights, I don’t have a problem. With other social issues (abortion etc.) I’ve found I agree with Reagan.
In a recent study I preformed on the Republican Party, I found a huge number of nationalist neo-Nazis. One particular prominent neo-Nazi Republican is David Duke. He is a Louisiana Representative. He was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). This one grabbed my attention. The KKK is an organization that should have had to operate in secret. And it should have FBI on its tail. And yet, there are actually people voting for people like Duke to represent the great state of Louisiana. This would hugely disappoint Ronald Reagan and indeed, any sane conservative.
Republicans used to be center-right, decent, conservative patriotic people. They were the ones who energized patriotism and the conservative voice of America. Not to say there still aren’t many great republicans, but these days, there is far less center-right decent conservatives and far more white-supremacist KKK type people. The republican party has changed. Very subtly, over about 20 years or so but it has definitely changed.
So, now its time people wake up and realize that this presence of people-hating people is unacceptable. We cannot have open cult and clan people at the top, influencing our society and indeed, our great country.
Now you may say, I am sounding extremely liberal and I should “go belong with the Democrats” I am not. This article is simply an emphatic report of the way alt-right people are becoming too extreme. I am a staunch conservative, but I do recognize what is going on. I support the Republican people. I support American Conservationism to the exact same extent Ronald Reagan did. So, In my support of the Republicans and in my effort to stop hate, that is being circulated by a few people at the top, and falsely labelling our great party, I’ve developed a plan of action. Too far right people nor too far left people have no place in our country. Here is my plan of Action:
• Build this Forum to have a nation-wide influence
• Host campaigns encouraging our line of thought
• Encourage and Advertise Marches
• Get as much media attention and coverage as possible
• Advertise ourselves using practical Solutions to Everyday American problems
• Attract high-up Republican official
• Introduce a Transformation in the Republicans
• Have a Republican party like the way it was in the Reagan administration.
The ultimate goal of the Reaganists is to transform the Republican Party into a more centrist party which supports patriotism, economic growth and energises the conservative movement in America. Let’s
Fight for Greatness!

Dean N. Louton
Of the Reaganists

Host of The Louton Show
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